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Las Vegas Wedding Chapel 14
Details and General Information

After you’ve placed your order you’ll receive an automated reply in the e-mail letting you know we’ve received your reservation request.  Within twenty four hours of the time we receive your order you’ll also receive your confirmation.  We strongly suggest you print the e-mail cover letter and the PDF attachment and bring them with you to Las Vegas.  The confirmation will be your receipt and it will include complete instructions so you’ll know what to do when you arrive in Las Vegas.

The Casino Chapel Slot Machine Aquarium is Seven Feet Tall, holds 420 Gallons and weighs 4200 pounds.  It includes a working giant slot machine handle, Flashing Casino “Just Married” neon Lights, florescent Glow Fish, white Kissing Gouramis Glow Fish and was recently featured on Animal Planet’s “Tanked” television show.

Chapel Hours:

12:00pm to 6:00pm Daily (Last Ceremony at 5:30pm)

This Chapel generally schedules weddings every hour but will schedule weddings every half hour during the busiest times.

The Casino Chapel accommodates up to Twenty Guests.

Limousine provides transportation for the Bride and Groom plus up to Four guests.
Chapel Limousines are licensed to pick up and drop off on or immediately around the Las Vegas Strip only.
Additional transportation is available, please check the "add items" tab for details.

Fresh Red, White, Pink or Yellow flowers are provided as part of your Wedding Package.

Silk flowers are available for an additional charge,  Ten days advanced notice is required.

Alternative Seasonal Colors for Roses may be available as a Special Order for $25.00.

Special types of flowers can usually be special ordered (Minimum Quantity May Apply).

Special orders need to be received at least ten days prior to your scheduled wedding date.

You’ll also be able to choose the Ribbon color for your Bouquet.  Ribbons are available in most colors.

Bring your own flowers:
If you’d like to bring your own flowers a $50.00 charge will be applied and the flowers normally provided with the wedding package will not be available.  This applies to Chapels 07, 08, 09 and 10 only.

The Chapel provides the Minister but the Minister's Fee is not included with the Wedding Packages.  The Minister’s Fee of $60.00 is provided by the couple and should be given directly to the Minister fallowing your ceremony.

The suggested gratuity for the Limousine Driver is $40.00 and should be given directly to the Limousine driver upon return to your hotel.  Limousines accommodate the two of you plus up to Four guests.

If the Bride’s Room is available with your wedding package you’ll have a few minutes to slip into your dress or just catch your breath before the ceremony starts.  Hair, Make Up and Nails should be done prior to your arrival at the Chapel.  Please let us know if you’d like us to make arrangements for a beautician to come to your Hotel to do your hair & make up.  Please see "Hair & Make Up Services" in the left column for additional details.

Guests are not allowed to take pictures or use recording devices inside the Chapel or Lobby.

Candid Pictures:
Candid pictures are pictures taken during the Ceremony and are the pictures provided with the wedding packages.  The Chapel Photographer will generally take more Candid pictures than come with the package.  Following your ceremony you’ll be able to choose the pictures you want for your photo CD from all the candid pictures.

Posed Pictures:
Posed Pictures of the Bride (only) are generally taken before Ceremony, then of the two of you after the Ceremony.  The Posed pictures are not included with the wedding packages but if purchased separately they will be included on your photo CD.  Price per image will be determined at the time of viewing. 

Viewing your pictures:
Following your Ceremony the Chapel will take time with you to review all the Images that were taken so you can choose the ones you’d like.  If you are unable to view your pictures after your Ceremony, you will be able to return to the Chapel the following day or alternative arrangements can be made with the Chapel Wedding Coordinator.

Photo CD: You’ll receive your photos on a Photo CD and you’ll own the rights to each image.

Internet broadcasts are live.  Friends and Family viewing your Internet Broadcast from other parts of the world may need to consider any time difference and adjust accordingly.

You may keep your Internet Broadcast online for Thirty Days by going to the "Add Items" tab at the top of this page and adding the "On Demand Internet Broadcast" to your Wedding Plan.  Internet Archive Instructions will be sent to you via e-mail within 48 hrs. from the time of your Ceremony and will remain online for thirty days.

If you’ve purchased a DVD of your Ceremony or a DVD is included with your wedding package, the footage will be edited and the DVD is generally mailed within twenty one days.

Personalize Your Music from the "Add items" tab ($35.00) for the $299.00 and $429.00 packages.  Larger packages already include this option at no additional charge.  We will download your preferred songs from iTunes and a CD will be made for you to keep.

Generally one song is played while the Bride walks down the aisle and then again at the end of the Ceremony.  Songs will play for 30 or 40 seconds otherwise traditional wedding music will be provided by the Chapel.

The Bride and Groom can stay separated so the Groom doesn’t see the Bride prior to the Ceremony at no additional charge.  Advance notification is required.

If the Bride would like to stay separated so the Groom doesn’t see her in her dress before she walks down the aisle, the Groom will need to arrive at the Chapel, on his own, at least fifteen minutes prior to the Bride.  The Chapel Limousine will pick up the Bride, with up to five guests and bring them to the Chapel.  After the Ceremony the Bride and Groom will ride back to their hotel together.  Groom's arrival time can also be determined with the Chapel Wedding Coordinator at check in.

Bring your own Minister:
If you would like to bring your own Minister and your Minister is licensed in the State of Nevada or has obtained a temporary license through the Marriage License bureau, the Minister will be required to provide a certificate prior to the ceremony to confirm they are ordained.  The Chapel Minister will not perform the ceremony but will still be involved with the ceremony activities and will file the paperwork with the county for the Chapel.  The Minister’s Fee of $60.00 will still apply.

If you would like to bring your own Minister and they are not licensed in the State of Nevada and have not been issued a temporary license by the Marriage License Bureau, the Chapel Minister will perform a quick legal ceremony behind the scenes prior to the symbolic ceremony,  which will be performed by your Minister in the Chapel.  The Minister’s Fee of $60.00 will still apply and the Chapel Minister will file the paperwork with the county.

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies
can be preformed with any wedding package.  You do not need a new marriage license or have to bring your original.

For a specific Minister, not on staff, including Spanish Speaking Ministers & African American Ministers - $180.00

Male or Female Minister (Gender Specific Minister) - $100.00
Insure you’ll have either a Male or Female Minister, who wouldn't normally be scheduled at the time of your Ceremony.  Or schedule your Ceremony at a time your preferred (Male or Female) Minister will already be in the Wedding Chapel for no additional charge but there would be no guarantee.  Add to "comments" section of your online order or give us a call.

Elvis performs Three Songs - $250.00
To add Elvis to your wedding plan go to the "Add Items" tab at the top of this page.

Bride's Garter is only available in Blue.

All weddings can be performed as civil or religious ceremonies.  Religious Ceremonies can be traditional with the mention of God and the use of prayer or nondenominational with the mention of God in a way acceptable to any faith.  Civil Ceremonies generally exclude religion.

The Chapel will provide the minister but the minister's fee is not included in the package prices.  The minister fee of $60.00 should be given directly to the minister following the ceremony.

The suggested gratuity for the Limousine Driver is $40.00 and should be given directly to your limousine driver upon return to your hotel.