Las Vegas Wedding Chapel 01

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Las Vegas Wedding Chapel 01
Details and General Information
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One of the few free standing wedding chapels in Las Vegas located directly on The Strip and close to downtown.

After you’ve placed your order you’ll receive an automated reply in the e-mail letting you know we’ve received your reservation request. Within twenty four hours of the time we receive your order you’ll also receive your confirmation. We strongly suggest you print the e-mail cover letter and the PDF attachment, read them and bring them with you to Las Vegas. The confirmation will be your receipt and it will include complete instructions so you’ll know what to do when you arrive in Las Vegas.

Chapel 01 seats Thirty people.

Chapel Hours: 9:00AM to 11:00PM Daily.

Limousines accommodate the two of you plus up to four guests.

Flower Colors:
Fresh Roses are available in Red, White, Pink or Peach.
Add $15.00 for all other colors.

Silk flowers add $15.00.

You may bring flowers and the Chapel will still provide the flowers that come with your Wedding Package.

Bride and Groom must arrive at the Chapel dressed and ready for the ceremony. A Bride’s Room is not available for you to get ready at the Chapel.

Chapel 01 generally schedules weddings every thirty minutes but may schedule wedding ceremonies every fifteen minutes during their busiest times.
This represents time inside the actual chapel during the ceremony and does not diminish the over all time at the Chapel.

No personal cameras or recording devices are allowed inside this Chapel. You may take pictures outside this chapel and at no additional charge.

Elvis is a Las Vegas tradition that started at chapel 01. An Elvis impersonator can be added to any Chapel package for $150.00.

Elvis can also perform your Ceremony, in which case a Licensed Minister will perform a quick, separate Ceremony prior to your Chapel Wedding and the Minister’s Fee will be paid directly to the Minister.

Elvis Songs performed most often include:
Love Me Tender
Can’t Help Falling In Love
Viva Las Vegas
Other popular Elvis songs may be requested but are not guaranteed.

Couples can not bring their own minister to perform the ceremony.

Internet Broadcasts start within 24 hrs. of your ceremony and will remain online for 30 days.
DVD must be included in your wedding package or purchased separately for Internet broadcast.

DVD is provided to the couple before they leave the chapel

Double Ceremonies can be performed together during one Ceremony or back to back as separate Ceremonies.  Each couple will need to purchase a separate Wedding package, will have a choice of their own flower & Ribbon colors and will receive their own set up photos. The Minister’s fee is paid directly to the Minister by each couple even if performed as one Ceremony.

If you will be "Renewing Your Vows" you can choose from any of the available packages. You do not need a new marriage license or have to bring your original marriage certificate.

Renewal Of Vows Ceremonies or Double Renewal Of Vows Ceremonies can be performed by the Chapel Minister or by Elvis. If Elvis has been added to a Renewal Of Vows Ceremony and he performs the Ceremony the Minister’s fee will be given to Elvis following your Ceremony. If Elvis performs three songs and the Minister performs your Ceremony the Minister’s Fee will be given to the Minister. For Double Ceremonies both couple will pay the appropriate person following your Ceremony(s).

Elvis Special Requests: The Chapel will not know in advance which Elvis will be performing the day of the Ceremony or which songs Elvis will have in his repertoire.  Special songs may be requested in advance but the songs and order they will be performed will be determined with the wedding coordinator just prior to the Ceremony.

All wedding ceremonies can be performed in English, Spanish, French, or German. When making your reservation, please be sure and specify which language you prefer in order for us to secure an appropriate minister. Additional fee may apply.

All weddings can be performed as civil or religious ceremonies.  Religious Ceremonies can be traditional with the mention of God and the use of prayer or nondenominational with the mention of God in a way acceptable to any faith.  Civil Ceremonies generally exclude religion.

The Chapel will provide the minister but the minister's fee is not included in the package prices.  The minister fee of $60.00 should be given directly to the minister following the ceremony.

The suggested gratuity for the Limousine Driver is $40.00 and should be given directly to your limousine driver upon return to your hotel.